Coffeehouse Portfolio

Investment Summary
The CoffeeHouse Portfolio is a simple seven fund Portfolio which was made popular by Bill Schultheis book. Coffeehouse portfolio is diversified and invests in a broad range of risky assets like Large Blend, Large Value, Small Blend, Small Value, Total International and REIT mutual funds to provide exposure to Equities and REIT and safe assets like Intermediate Bonds.


Investment Performance (Good Investment Selection Guide)
Investment Return (?): 10.60% Volatility (?): 11.05% Sharpe Ratio: 0.55 Maximum Drawdown: -20.22%


Coffeehouse Portfolio is a simple portfolio oriented for buy and hold investors which don’t want to actively manage their portfolios. AssetMacro offers 200+ Investment Strategies with higher returns, lower risk and losses than the Coffeehouse Portfolio.


Investment’s Fundamental Concept:
Coffeehouse Portfolio is a buy and hold portfolio generating consistent returns with relative low risk. The portfolio is structured to give investors exposure to risky assets like International, Domestic Equities and REITs and risk free assets like Intermediate Bonds. The portfolio’s allocation is shown below:

Coffeehouse Portfolio Allocation

CoffeHouse Portfolio Performance for the period 1972-2015 is compared with the performance of S&P 500 and is displayed below:

Coffeehouse Portfolio


Other Investment Strategy Characteristics:
Investment Type: Buy & Hold Investment Risk: 3/5 Average Backtest Range: 40-50 years Rebalancing period: Monthly
Investment Strategy Markets:
  • Large Blend Mutual Fund Stocks
  • Large Value Mutual Fund Stocks
  • Small Blend Mutual Fund Stocks
  • Small Value Mutual Fund Stocks
  • Total International Stocks
  • REIT Mutual Fund
  • Intermediate Bonds
  • Large Blend Mutual Fund Stocks