Angola Markets

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
Business ConfidenceBusiness Confidence6101
Central Bank Balance SheetCentral Bank Balance Sheet6102
Competitiveness IndexCompetitiveness Index6103
Corporate Tax RateCorporate Tax Rate6104
Consumer Price Index - CPIConsumer Price Index - CPI6105
Debt To GdpDebt To Gdp6107
Economic GrowthEconomic Growth6108
External DebtExternal Debt6110
Foreign Direct Investment - FDIForeign Direct Investment - FDI6111
Foreign ReservesForeign Reserves6112
Gdp Per CapitaGdp Per Capita6113
Government BudgetGovernment Budget6114
Government RevenuesGovernment Revenues6115
Government SpendingGovernment Spending6116
Industrial ProductionIndustrial Production6118
Inflation Rate MonthlyInflation Rate Monthly6119
Interbank RateInterbank Rate6120
Interest RateInterest Rate6121
Minimum WageMinimum Wage6122
Money SupplyMoney Supply6123
Money Supply M1Money Supply M16124
Money Supply M2Money Supply M26125
Personal IncomePersonal Income6126
Sales Tax RateSales Tax Rate6129
Trade BalanceTrade Balance6130
Unemployment RateUnemployment Rate6131