Germany Economy

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
german 2 year bond yieldgerman 2 year bond yield712.259
german 3 year bond yieldgerman 3 year bond yield712.260
german 4 year bond yieldgerman 4 year bond yield712.261
german 5 year bond yieldgerman 5 year bond yield712.262
german 6 year bond yieldgerman 6 year bond yield712.263
german 7 year bond yieldgerman 7 year bond yield712.264
german 8 year bond yieldgerman 8 year bond yield712.265
german 9 year bond yieldgerman 9 year bond yield712.266
german bundgerman bund712.267
germany 1 year bond yieldgermany 1 year bond yield712.268
germany 20 year bond yieldgermany 20 year bond yield712.269
germany 30 year bond yieldgermany 30 year bond yield712.270
germany 3 month t billgermany 3 month t bill712.271
germany 6 month t billgermany 6 month t bill712.272
building permitsbuilding permits712.273
business confidencebusiness confidence712.274
capacity utilizationcapacity utilization712.275
car registrationscar registrations712.276
central bank balance sheetcentral bank balance sheet712.277
competitiveness indexcompetitiveness index712.278
composite pmicomposite pmi712.279
consumer confidenceconsumer confidence712.280
consumer creditconsumer credit712.281
corporate tax ratecorporate tax rate712.282
allianz credit default swaps cdsallianz credit default swaps cds712.284
commerzbank credit default swaps cdscommerzbank credit default swaps cds712.285
deutsche bank credit default swaps cdsdeutsche bank credit default swaps cds712.286
current accountcurrent account712.287
debt to gdpdebt to gdp712.288
economic growtheconomic growth712.289
external debtexternal debt712.291
foreign reservesforeign reserves712.293
gdp per capitagdp per capita712.295
germany cdsgermany cds712.296
government budgetgovernment budget712.298
government revenuesgovernment revenues712.299
government spendinggovernment spending712.300
home ownershiphome ownership712.301
house price indexhouse price index712.302
industrial productionindustrial production712.305
inflation rateinflation rate712.306
inflation rate monthlyinflation rate monthly712.307
interbank rateinterbank rate712.308
interest rateinterest rate712.309
job vacanciesjob vacancies712.310
minimum wageminimum wage712.311
money supply m1money supply m1712.312
money supply m2money supply m2712.313
personal incomepersonal income712.314
retail salesretail sales712.318
sales tax ratesales tax rate712.319
services pmiservices pmi712.320
stock marketstock market712.321
dax indexdax index712.322
msci germanymsci germany712.323
trade balancetrade balance712.325
unemployment rateunemployment rate712.326
youth unemployment rateyouth unemployment rate712.327