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Examine strategies historical performance during normal markets and market crisis We have identified more than 100 high return, low risk investment strategies Strategies cover different markets & asset classes, ideal for portfolio diversification


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AssetMacro team researched and backtested thousands of from research papers and articles and created an AssetMacro Investment Strategies Database of 100+ highly profitable, low risk Investments. Investment Strategies are categorized in 5 types: 1. Momentum Trading, 2. Statistical Arbitrage, 3. Value Investing, 4. Volatility Trading, 5. Carry Trade. Search and Learn everything about a specific investment by selecting a specific Investment Strategy from the 200+ Investment Strategies AssetMacro has selected. Use the Filters and Search Box of the database below to filter investments.

** Note: Investment performance represented by various quantitative measures (Annual Return, Investment Risk etc) is historical and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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