Italy Economy

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
italian 10 year bonditalian 10 year bond903.056
italy 15 year bond yielditaly 15 year bond yield903.057
italy 1 year bond yielditaly 1 year bond yield903.058
italy 2 year bond yielditaly 2 year bond yield903.059
italy 30 year bond yielditaly 30 year bond yield903.060
italy 3 month t billitaly 3 month t bill903.061
italy 3 year bond yielditaly 3 year bond yield903.062
italy 4 year bond yielditaly 4 year bond yield903.063
italy 5 year bond yielditaly 5 year bond yield903.064
italy 6 month t billitaly 6 month t bill903.065
italy 6 year bond yielditaly 6 year bond yield903.066
italy 7 year bond yielditaly 7 year bond yield903.067
italy 8 year bond yielditaly 8 year bond yield903.068
italy 9 month t billitaly 9 month t bill903.069
italy 9 year bond yielditaly 9 year bond yield903.070
unicredit credit default swaps cdsunicredit credit default swaps cds903.071
business confidencebusiness confidence903.072
capacity utilizationcapacity utilization903.073
car registrationscar registrations903.074
central bank balance sheetcentral bank balance sheet903.075
competitiveness indexcompetitiveness index903.076
consumer confidenceconsumer confidence903.077
consumer creditconsumer credit903.078
corporate tax ratecorporate tax rate903.079
current accountcurrent account903.081
debt to gdpdebt to gdp903.082
economic growtheconomic growth903.083
external debtexternal debt903.085
foreign reservesforeign reserves903.087
gdp deflatorgdp deflator903.089
gdp per capitagdp per capita903.090
government budgetgovernment budget903.091
government revenuesgovernment revenues903.092
government spendinggovernment spending903.093
home ownershiphome ownership903.094
house price indexhouse price index903.095
industrial productionindustrial production903.098
inflation rateinflation rate903.099
inflation rate monthlyinflation rate monthly903.100
interbank rateinterbank rate903.101
interest rateinterest rate903.102
italy cdsitaly cds903.103
labor force participation ratelabor force participation rate903.104
money supply m1money supply m1903.105
money supply m2money supply m2903.106
personal incomepersonal income903.107
retail salesretail sales903.111
sales tax ratesales tax rate903.112
services pmiservices pmi903.113
stock marketstock market903.114
ftse mib indexftse mib index903.115
msci italymsci italy903.116
terms of tradeterms of trade903.117
trade balancetrade balance903.118
unemployment rateunemployment rate903.119
youth unemployment rateyouth unemployment rate903.120