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Economic Indicators

Variable NameCountry
Variable NameCountry
inflation rateUnited States (US)
inflation rate monthlyUnited States (US)
interest rateUnited States (US)
jobless claimsUnited States (US)
job vacanciesUnited States (US)
5 year breakeven inflation rateUnited States (US)
labor force participation rateUnited States (US)
5 year forward inflation expectation rateUnited States (US)
leiUnited States (US)
minimum wageUnited States (US)

Stock Markets

Variable NameCountry
Variable NameCountry
MSCI Argentinaargentina
asx indexaustralia
msci australiaaustralia
atx indexaustria
msci austriaaustria
bahrain boursebahrain
msci bahrainbahrain
euronext bel 20belgium
msci belgiumbelgium

Bond Markets

Variable NameCountry
Variable NameCountry
australia 12 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 15 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 1 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 2 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 3 month bond yieldaustralia
australia 3 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 4 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 5 year bond yieldaustralia
australia 6 year bond yieldaustralia


Variable NameCountry
Variable NameCountry
USD to AMDarmenia
australian dollaraustralia
australian dollar implied volatilityaustralia
bahamas currencybahamas
bahrain currencybahrain
bangladesh currencybangladesh
barbados currencybarbados
bolivian currencybolivia
botswana currencybotswana


Variable NameCountry
Variable NameCountry
aluminium alloy priceCommodities
aluminium priceCommodities
baltic capesize indexCommodities
baltic clean tanker indexCommodities
baltic dirty tanker indexCommodities
baltic dry indexCommodities
baltic handysize indexCommodities
baltic panamax indexCommodities
baltic supramax indexCommodities
brent crude priceCommodities

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