Mexico Economy

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
mexican bondsmexican bonds1193.991
mexico 1 month t billmexico 1 month t bill1193.992
mexico 1 year bond yieldmexico 1 year bond yield1193.993
mexico 20 year bond yieldmexico 20 year bond yield1193.994
mexico 30 year bond yieldmexico 30 year bond yield1193.995
mexico 3 month t billmexico 3 month t bill1193.996
mexico 3 year bond yieldmexico 3 year bond yield1193.997
mexico 5 year bond yieldmexico 5 year bond yield1193.998
mexico 6 month t billmexico 6 month t bill1193.999
mexico 7 year bond yieldmexico 7 year bond yield1194.000
mexico 9 month t billmexico 9 month t bill1194.001
business confidencebusiness confidence1194.002
capacity utilizationcapacity utilization1194.003
car registrationscar registrations1194.004
central bank balance sheetcentral bank balance sheet1194.005
competitiveness indexcompetitiveness index1194.006
consumer confidenceconsumer confidence1194.007
consumer creditconsumer credit1194.008
corporate tax ratecorporate tax rate1194.009
mexican pesomexican peso1194.012
mexican peso implied volatilitymexican peso implied volatility1194.013
current accountcurrent account1194.014
debt to gdpdebt to gdp1194.015
economic growtheconomic growth1194.016
external debtexternal debt1194.018
foreign reservesforeign reserves1194.020
gdp deflatorgdp deflator1194.022
gdp per capitagdp per capita1194.023
government budgetgovernment budget1194.024
government revenuesgovernment revenues1194.025
government spendinggovernment spending1194.026
home ownershiphome ownership1194.027
industrial productionindustrial production1194.029
inflation rateinflation rate1194.030
inflation rate monthlyinflation rate monthly1194.031
interbank rateinterbank rate1194.032
interest rateinterest rate1194.033
mexico cdsmexico cds1194.035
minimum wageminimum wage1194.036
money supplymoney supply1194.037
money supply m1money supply m11194.038
money supply m2money supply m21194.039
personal incomepersonal income1194.040
retail salesretail sales1194.044
sales tax ratesales tax rate1194.045
stock marketstock market1194.046
ipc mexicoipc mexico1194.047
msci mexicomsci mexico1194.048
terms of tradeterms of trade1194.049
trade balancetrade balance1194.050
unemployment rateunemployment rate1194.051