United Kingdom Economy

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
gilts uk government bondsgilts uk government bonds1766.154
uk 15 year bond yielduk 15 year bond yield1766.155
uk 1 month t billsuk 1 month t bills1766.156
uk 1 year bond yielduk 1 year bond yield1766.157
uk 20 year bond yielduk 20 year bond yield1766.158
uk 2 year bond yielduk 2 year bond yield1766.159
uk 30 year bond yielduk 30 year bond yield1766.160
uk 3 month t billsuk 3 month t bills1766.161
uk 3 year bond yielduk 3 year bond yield1766.162
uk 40 year bond yielduk 40 year bond yield1766.163
uk 4 year bond yielduk 4 year bond yield1766.164
uk 50 year bond yielduk 50 year bond yield1766.165
uk 5 year bond yielduk 5 year bond yield1766.166
uk 6 year bond yielduk 6 year bond yield1766.167
uk 7 year bond yielduk 7 year bond yield1766.168
uk 8 year bond yielduk 8 year bond yield1766.169
uk 9 year bond yielduk 9 year bond yield1766.170
business confidencebusiness confidence1766.171
capacity utilizationcapacity utilization1766.172
car registrationscar registrations1766.173
central bank balance sheetcentral bank balance sheet1766.174
competitiveness indexcompetitiveness index1766.175
consumer confidenceconsumer confidence1766.176
consumer creditconsumer credit1766.177
corporate tax ratecorporate tax rate1766.178
aviva credit default swaps cdsaviva credit default swaps cds1766.180
barclays credit default swaps cdsbarclays credit default swaps cds1766.181
hsbc credit default swaps cdshsbc credit default swaps cds1766.182
rbs credit default swaps cdsrbs credit default swaps cds1766.183
euro uk pound implied volatilityeuro uk pound implied volatility1766.185
uk pound sterling implied volatilityuk pound sterling implied volatility1766.187
current accountcurrent account1766.188
debt to gdpdebt to gdp1766.189
economic growtheconomic growth1766.190
external debtexternal debt1766.192
foreign reservesforeign reserves1766.194
gdp deflatorgdp deflator1766.196
gdp per capitagdp per capita1766.197
government budgetgovernment budget1766.199
government spendinggovernment spending1766.200
home ownershiphome ownership1766.201
house price indexhouse price index1766.202
housing startshousing starts1766.203
industrial productionindustrial production1766.206
inflation rateinflation rate1766.207
inflation rate monthlyinflation rate monthly1766.208
interbank rateinterbank rate1766.209
interest rateinterest rate1766.210
job vacanciesjob vacancies1766.211
minimum wageminimum wage1766.212
money supplymoney supply1766.213
money supply m1money supply m11766.214
money supply m2money supply m21766.215
personal incomepersonal income1766.216
retail salesretail sales1766.220
sales tax ratesales tax rate1766.221
services pmiservices pmi1766.222
stock marketstock market1766.223
ftse 250ftse 2501766.224
ftse indexftse index1766.225
msci ukmsci uk1766.226
terms of tradeterms of trade1766.228
trade balancetrade balance1766.229
uk cdsuk cds1766.230
unemployment rateunemployment rate1766.231
youth unemployment rateyouth unemployment rate1766.232