United States Economy

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
10 year treasury rate10 year treasury rate1776.234
3 month aa nonfinancial commercial paper rate3 month aa nonfinancial commercial paper rate1776.235
5 year breakeven inflation rate5 year breakeven inflation rate1776.236
5 year forward inflation expectation rate5 year forward inflation expectation rate1776.237
barclays aggregate bond indexbarclays aggregate bond index1776.238
barclays municipal bond indexbarclays municipal bond index1776.239
barclays short treasury indexbarclays short treasury index1776.240
barclays tips indexbarclays tips index1776.241
barclays us corporate high yield indexbarclays us corporate high yield index1776.242
barclays us credit indexbarclays us credit index1776.243
barclays us government credit indexbarclays us government credit index1776.244
barclays us intermediate credit indexbarclays us intermediate credit index1776.245
barclays us long credit a indexbarclays us long credit a index1776.246
barclays us mortgage backed securities indexbarclays us mortgage backed securities index1776.247
barclays us treasury 10 20 year indexbarclays us treasury 10 20 year index1776.248
barclays us treasury 1 3 year indexbarclays us treasury 1 3 year index1776.249
barclays us treasury 3 5 year indexbarclays us treasury 3 5 year index1776.250
barclays us treasury 3 7 yr indexbarclays us treasury 3 7 yr index1776.251
barclays us treasury 5 7 year indexbarclays us treasury 5 7 year index1776.252
barclays us treasury 7 10 year indexbarclays us treasury 7 10 year index1776.253
barclays us treasury indexbarclays us treasury index1776.254
cboe 10 year treasury note volatilitycboe 10 year treasury note volatility1776.255
cbot 30 year us treasury bond futurescbot 30 year us treasury bond futures1776.256
ief etfief etf1776.257
intermediate us government credit indexintermediate us government credit index1776.258
jnk etfjnk etf1776.259
merrill lynch high yield master iimerrill lynch high yield master ii1776.260
moodys seasoned aaa corporate bond yieldmoodys seasoned aaa corporate bond yield1776.261
moodys seasoned baa corporate bond yieldmoodys seasoned baa corporate bond yield1776.262
shy etfshy etf1776.263
tips etftips etf1776.264
tlt etftlt etf1776.265
us 1 month t billus 1 month t bill1776.266
us 1 year treasury bondus 1 year treasury bond1776.267
us 2 year treasury bondus 2 year treasury bond1776.268
us 30 year us treasuryus 30 year us treasury1776.269
us 3 month london interbank offered rate liborus 3 month london interbank offered rate libor1776.270
us 3 month t billus 3 month t bill1776.271
us 3 year treasury rateus 3 year treasury rate1776.272
us 5 year treasury rate bondus 5 year treasury rate bond1776.273
us 6 month t billus 6 month t bill1776.274
us 7 year treasury rate bondus 7 year treasury rate bond1776.275
yield curve 10 year vs 30 year rateyield curve 10 year vs 30 year rate1776.276
building permitsbuilding permits1776.277
business confidencebusiness confidence1776.278
capacity utilizationcapacity utilization1776.279
car registrationscar registrations1776.280
case shiller home price indexcase shiller home price index1776.281
central bank balance sheetcentral bank balance sheet1776.282
chicago pmichicago pmi1776.283
competitiveness indexcompetitiveness index1776.284
composite pmicomposite pmi1776.285
consumer confidenceconsumer confidence1776.286
consumer creditconsumer credit1776.287
continuing jobless claimscontinuing jobless claims1776.288
corporate tax ratecorporate tax rate1776.289
credit default swaps cdscredit default swaps cds1776.291
aig credit default swaps cdsaig credit default swaps cds1776.292
american express credit default swaps cdsamerican express credit default swaps cds1776.293
bank of america credit default swaps cdsbank of america credit default swaps cds1776.294
citigroup credit default swaps cdscitigroup credit default swaps cds1776.295
goldman sachs credit default swaps cdsgoldman sachs credit default swaps cds1776.296
jpmorgan chase credit default swaps cdsjpmorgan chase credit default swaps cds1776.297
morgan stanley credit default swaps cdsmorgan stanley credit default swaps cds1776.298
wells fargo credit default swaps cdswells fargo credit default swaps cds1776.299
dollar indexdollar index1776.301
current accountcurrent account1776.302
debt to gdpdebt to gdp1776.303
durable goodsdurable goods1776.304
economic growtheconomic growth1776.305
empire state manufacturing indexempire state manufacturing index1776.306
existing home salesexisting home sales1776.307
external debtexternal debt1776.309
foreign reservesforeign reserves1776.311
gdp deflatorgdp deflator1776.313
gdp per capitagdp per capita1776.314
government budgetgovernment budget1776.316
government revenuesgovernment revenues1776.317
government spendinggovernment spending1776.318
home ownershiphome ownership1776.319
house price indexhouse price index1776.320
housing startshousing starts1776.321
industrial productionindustrial production1776.324
10 year breakeven inflation rate10 year breakeven inflation rate1776.326
aerospace defense industryaerospace defense industry1776.327
aerospace industryaerospace industry1776.328
airlines industryairlines industry1776.329
alternative electricity industryalternative electricity industry1776.330
alternative energy industryalternative energy industry1776.331
alternative fuels sectoralternative fuels sector1776.332
aluminium industryaluminium industry1776.333
apparel retailers industryapparel retailers industry1776.334
asset managerasset manager1776.335
automobiles industryautomobiles industry1776.336
automobiles parts industryautomobiles parts industry1776.337
auto parts industryauto parts industry1776.338
banking industrybanking industry1776.339
basic materials industrybasic materials industry1776.340
basic resources industrybasic resources industry1776.341
beverage industrybeverage industry1776.342
biotechnology industrybiotechnology industry1776.343
brewers industrybrewers industry1776.344
broadcasting entertainment industrybroadcasting entertainment industry1776.345
broadline retailers industrybroadline retailers industry1776.346
building materials fixtures industrybuilding materials fixtures industry1776.347
business support services industrybusiness support services industry1776.348
business training employment agencies industrybusiness training employment agencies industry1776.349
chemicals industrychemicals industry1776.350
clothing accessories industryclothing accessories industry1776.351
coal industrycoal industry1776.352
commercial vehicles trucks industrycommercial vehicles trucks industry1776.353
commodity chemicals industrycommodity chemicals industry1776.354
computer hardware industrycomputer hardware industry1776.355
computer servicescomputer services1776.356
construction materials industryconstruction materials industry1776.357
consumer electronics industryconsumer electronics industry1776.358
consumer financeconsumer finance1776.359
consumer goods industryconsumer goods industry1776.360
consumer services industryconsumer services industry1776.361
containers packaging industrycontainers packaging industry1776.362
conventional electricity industryconventional electricity industry1776.363
defense industrydefense industry1776.364
delivery services industrydelivery services industry1776.365
distillers vintners industrydistillers vintners industry1776.366
diversified industrials industrydiversified industrials industry1776.367
diversified reitsdiversified reits1776.368
drug retailers industrydrug retailers industry1776.369
durable household products sectordurable household products sector1776.370
electrical components equipment sectorelectrical components equipment sector1776.371
electricity industryelectricity industry1776.372
electronic electrical equipment industryelectronic electrical equipment industry1776.373
electronic equipment industryelectronic equipment industry1776.374
electronic office equipment industryelectronic office equipment industry1776.375
exploration and production industryexploration and production industry1776.376
farming fishing industryfarming fishing industry1776.377
financial administration industryfinancial administration industry1776.378
financial servicesfinancial services1776.379
financials industryfinancials industry1776.380
fixed line telecommunications industryfixed line telecommunications industry1776.381
food beverage industryfood beverage industry1776.382
food drug retailers industryfood drug retailers industry1776.383
food producers industryfood producers industry1776.384
food products industryfood products industry1776.385
food retailers wholesalers industryfood retailers wholesalers industry1776.386
footwear industryfootwear industry1776.387
forestry paper industryforestry paper industry1776.388
full line insurance industryfull line insurance industry1776.389
furnishings industryfurnishings industry1776.390
gambling industrygambling industry1776.391
gas distribution industrygas distribution industry1776.392
gas water multiutilities industrygas water multiutilities industry1776.393
general industrials industrygeneral industrials industry1776.394
general mining industrygeneral mining industry1776.395
general retailers industrygeneral retailers industry1776.396
gold mining industrygold mining industry1776.397
health care equipment services industryhealth care equipment services industry1776.398
healthcare industryhealthcare industry1776.399
health care providers industryhealth care providers industry1776.400
heavy construction industryheavy construction industry1776.401
home construction industryhome construction industry1776.402
home improvement retailers industryhome improvement retailers industry1776.403
hotel lodging reitshotel lodging reits1776.404
hotels industryhotels industry1776.405
household goods home construction industryhousehold goods home construction industry1776.406
industrial engineering industryindustrial engineering industry1776.407
industrial goods services industryindustrial goods services industry1776.408
industrial machinery industryindustrial machinery industry1776.409
industrial metals mining industryindustrial metals mining industry1776.410
industrial office reitsindustrial office reits1776.411
industrials industryindustrials industry1776.412
industrial suppliers industryindustrial suppliers industry1776.413
industrial transportation industryindustrial transportation industry1776.414
insurance brokersinsurance brokers1776.415
insurance industryinsurance industry1776.416
integrated oil and gas industryintegrated oil and gas industry1776.417
internet industryinternet industry1776.418
investment servicesinvestment services1776.419
iron steel industryiron steel industry1776.420
leisure goods industryleisure goods industry1776.421
life insurance industrylife insurance industry1776.422
marine transportation industrymarine transportation industry1776.423
media agencies industrymedia agencies industry1776.424
media industrymedia industry1776.425
medical equipment industrymedical equipment industry1776.426
medical supplies industrymedical supplies industry1776.427
mining industrymining industry1776.428
mobile telecommunications industrymobile telecommunications industry1776.429
mortgage financemortgage finance1776.430
mortgage reitsmortgage reits1776.431
multiutilities industrymultiutilities industry1776.432
non durable household products industrynon durable household products industry1776.433
nonferrous metals industrynonferrous metals industry1776.434
oil and gas industryoil and gas industry1776.435
oil and gas producers industryoil and gas producers industry1776.436
oil equipment services distribution industryoil equipment services distribution industry1776.437
oil equipment services industryoil equipment services industry1776.438
paper industrypaper industry1776.439
personal goods industrypersonal goods industry1776.440
personal household goods industrypersonal household goods industry1776.441
personal products industrypersonal products industry1776.442
pharmaceuticals biotechnology industrypharmaceuticals biotechnology industry1776.443
pharmaceuticals industrypharmaceuticals industry1776.444
pipelines industrypipelines industry1776.445
platinum precious metals industryplatinum precious metals industry1776.446
property and casualty insuranceproperty and casualty insurance1776.447
publishing industrypublishing industry1776.448
railroads industryrailroads industry1776.449
real estate holding developmentreal estate holding development1776.450
real estate industryreal estate industry1776.451
real estate investment services industryreal estate investment services industry1776.452
real estate investment trusts reitsreal estate investment trusts reits1776.453
real estate servicesreal estate services1776.454
recreational products industryrecreational products industry1776.455
recreational services industryrecreational services industry1776.456
reinsurance industryreinsurance industry1776.457
renewable energy equipment sectorrenewable energy equipment sector1776.458
residential reitsresidential reits1776.459
restaurants bars industryrestaurants bars industry1776.460
retail industryretail industry1776.461
retail reitsretail reits1776.462
semiconductors industrysemiconductors industry1776.463
soft drinks industrysoft drinks industry1776.464
software computer services industrysoftware computer services industry1776.465
software industrysoftware industry1776.466
specialized consumer services industryspecialized consumer services industry1776.467
specialty chemicals industryspecialty chemicals industry1776.468
specialty financespecialty finance1776.469
specialty reitsspecialty reits1776.470
specialty retailers industryspecialty retailers industry1776.471
support services industrysupport services industry1776.472
technology hardware equipment industrytechnology hardware equipment industry1776.473
technology industrytechnology industry1776.474
telecommunications equipment industrytelecommunications equipment industry1776.475
telecommunications industrytelecommunications industry1776.476
tires industrytires industry1776.477
tobacco industrytobacco industry1776.478
toys industrytoys industry1776.479
transportation services industrytransportation services industry1776.480
travel leisure industrytravel leisure industry1776.481
travel tourism sectortravel tourism sector1776.482
trucking industrytrucking industry1776.483
utilities industryutilities industry1776.484
waste disposal services industrywaste disposal services industry1776.485
water industrywater industry1776.486
inflation rateinflation rate1776.487
inflation rate monthlyinflation rate monthly1776.488
interest rateinterest rate1776.489
jobless claimsjobless claims1776.490
job vacanciesjob vacancies1776.491
labor force participation ratelabor force participation rate1776.492
minimum wageminimum wage1776.494
money supplymoney supply1776.495
money supply m1money supply m11776.496
money supply m2money supply m21776.497
new home salesnew home sales1776.498
personal incomepersonal income1776.499
pmi 2pmi 21776.500
retail salesretail sales1776.503
sales tax ratesales tax rate1776.504
services pmiservices pmi1776.505
stock marketstock market1776.506
coal pricecoal price1776.507
djia advancedecline percent indicatordjia advancedecline percent indicator1776.508
djia bullish percent index indicatordjia bullish percent index indicator1776.509
djia indexdjia index1776.510
djia percent of stocks above 150 day moving averag indicatordjia percent of stocks above 150 day moving averag indicator1776.511
djia percent of stocks above 200 day moving averag indicatordjia percent of stocks above 200 day moving averag indicator1776.512
djia percent of stocks above 50 day moving average indicatordjia percent of stocks above 50 day moving average indicator1776.513
djta advancedecline percent indicatordjta advancedecline percent indicator1776.514
djta bullish percent index indicatordjta bullish percent index indicator1776.515
djua advancedecline percent indicatordjua advancedecline percent indicator1776.516
dow jones transportation averagedow jones transportation average1776.517
dow jones utility averagedow jones utility average1776.518
iwm etfiwm etf1776.519
iyr etfiyr etf1776.520
msci ac americasmsci ac americas1776.521
msci acwi ex usamsci acwi ex usa1776.522
msci north americamsci north america1776.523
msci usmsci us1776.524
nasdaq 100 bullish percent index indicatornasdaq 100 bullish percent index indicator1776.525
nasdaq 100 percent of stocks above 150 day moving indicatornasdaq 100 percent of stocks above 150 day moving indicator1776.526
nasdaq 100 percent of stocks above 200 day moving indicatornasdaq 100 percent of stocks above 200 day moving indicator1776.527
nasdaq 100 percent of stocks above 50 day moving a indicatornasdaq 100 percent of stocks above 50 day moving a indicator1776.528
nasdaq advancedecline percent indicatornasdaq advancedecline percent indicator1776.529
nasdaq indexnasdaq index1776.530
nasdaq mcclellan oscillator ratio indicatornasdaq mcclellan oscillator ratio indicator1776.531
nasdaq summation index ratio indicatornasdaq summation index ratio indicator1776.532
nyse bullish percent index indicatornyse bullish percent index indicator1776.533
nyse indexnyse index1776.534
nyse mcclellan oscillator ratio indicatornyse mcclellan oscillator ratio indicator1776.535
nyse percent of stocks above 150 day moving averag indicatornyse percent of stocks above 150 day moving averag indicator1776.536
nyse percent of stocks above 200 day moving averag indicatornyse percent of stocks above 200 day moving averag indicator1776.537
nyse percent of stocks above 50 day moving average indicatornyse percent of stocks above 50 day moving average indicator1776.538
nyse summation index ratio indicatornyse summation index ratio indicator1776.539
russell 100russell 1001776.540
russell 1000 growthrussell 1000 growth1776.541
russell 1000 valuerussell 1000 value1776.542
russell 100 defensiverussell 100 defensive1776.543
russell 2000russell 20001776.544
russell 2000 growthrussell 2000 growth1776.545
russell 2000 implied volatility rvxrussell 2000 implied volatility rvx1776.546
russell 2000 valuerussell 2000 value1776.547
russell 2500russell 25001776.548
russell 2500 growthrussell 2500 growth1776.549
russell 2500 valuerussell 2500 value1776.550
russell 3000russell 30001776.551
russell 3000 growthrussell 3000 growth1776.552
russell 3000 valuerussell 3000 value1776.553
s%26p 500 etfs%26p 500 etf1776.554
sp 100 bullish percent index indicatorsp 100 bullish percent index indicator1776.555
sp 100 percent of stocks above 150 day moving ave indicatorsp 100 percent of stocks above 150 day moving ave indicator1776.556
sp 100 percent of stocks above 200 day moving ave indicatorsp 100 percent of stocks above 200 day moving ave indicator1776.557
sp 100 percent of stocks above 50 day moving aver indicatorsp 100 percent of stocks above 50 day moving aver indicator1776.558
sp 400 advancedecline percent indicatorsp 400 advancedecline percent indicator1776.559
sp 500 advancedecline percent indicatorsp 500 advancedecline percent indicator1776.560
sp 500 bullish percent index indicatorsp 500 bullish percent index indicator1776.561
sp 500 indexsp 500 index1776.562
sp 500 percent of stocks above 150 day moving ave indicatorsp 500 percent of stocks above 150 day moving ave indicator1776.563
sp 500 percent of stocks above 200 day moving ave indicatorsp 500 percent of stocks above 200 day moving ave indicator1776.564
sp 500 percent of stocks above 50 day moving aver indicatorsp 500 percent of stocks above 50 day moving aver indicator1776.565
sp 600 advancedecline percent indicatorsp 600 advancedecline percent indicator1776.566
sp consumer discretionary percent index indicatorsp consumer discretionary percent index indicator1776.567
sp consumer staples sector bullish percent index indicatorsp consumer staples sector bullish percent index indicator1776.568
sp energy sector percent index indicatorsp energy sector percent index indicator1776.569
sp financials sector percent index indicatorsp financials sector percent index indicator1776.570
sp healthcare sector bullish percent index indicatorsp healthcare sector bullish percent index indicator1776.571
sp industrials sector percent index indicatorsp industrials sector percent index indicator1776.572
sp materials sector bullish percent index indicatorsp materials sector bullish percent index indicator1776.573
sp technology sector bullish percent index indicatorsp technology sector bullish percent index indicator1776.574
sp utilities sector bullish percent index indicatorsp utilities sector bullish percent index indicator1776.575
uranium priceuranium price1776.576
value line indexvalue line index1776.577
vix 1 futures pricevix 1 futures price1776.578
vix 2 futures pricevix 2 futures price1776.579
vix 3 futures pricevix 3 futures price1776.580
vix 4 futures pricevix 4 futures price1776.581
vix 5 futures pricevix 5 futures price1776.582
vix 6 futures pricevix 6 futures price1776.583
vix 7 futures pricevix 7 futures price1776.584
vix 8 futures pricevix 8 futures price1776.585
vix indexvix index1776.586
xlb etfxlb etf1776.589
xle etfxle etf1776.590
xlf etfxlf etf1776.591
xli etfxli etf1776.592
xlk etfxlk etf1776.593
xlp etfxlp etf1776.594
xlu etfxlu etf1776.595
xlv etfxlv etf1776.596
xly etfxly etf1776.597
terms of tradeterms of trade1776.598
trade balancetrade balance1776.599
unemployment rate 2unemployment rate 21776.600
us cdsus cds1776.601
youth unemployment rateyouth unemployment rate1776.602

North America Markets

varnameVariable Namecntididmacrovars
Stoxx North America 600Stoxx North America 600479
Stoxx North America 600 Automobiles & PartsStoxx North America 600 Automobiles & Parts480
Stoxx North America 600 BanksStoxx North America 600 Banks481
Stoxx North America 600 Basic ResourcesStoxx North America 600 Basic Resources482
Stoxx North America 600 ChemicalsStoxx North America 600 Chemicals483
Stoxx North America 600 Construction & MaterialsStoxx North America 600 Construction & Materials484
Stoxx North America 600 Financial ServicesStoxx North America 600 Financial Services485
Stoxx North America 600 Food & BeverageStoxx North America 600 Food & Beverage486
Stoxx North America 600 HealthcareStoxx North America 600 Healthcare487
Stoxx North America 600 Industrial GoodsStoxx North America 600 Industrial Goods488
Stoxx North America 600 InsuranceStoxx North America 600 Insurance489
Stoxx North America 600 MediaStoxx North America 600 Media490
Stoxx North America 600 Oil & GasStoxx North America 600 Oil & Gas491
Stoxx North America 600 Personal & Household goodsStoxx North America 600 Personal & Household goods492
Stoxx North America 600 Real EstateStoxx North America 600 Real Estate493
Stoxx North America 600 RetailStoxx North America 600 Retail494
Stoxx North America 600 TechnologyStoxx North America 600 Technology495
Stoxx North America 600 TelecommunicationsStoxx North America 600 Telecommunications496
Stoxx North America 600 Travel & LeisureStoxx North America 600 Travel & Leisure497
Stoxx North America 600 UtilitiesStoxx North America 600 Utilities498