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Uruguay Market Data | Uruguay Stocks | Uruguay Financial Indicators

AssetMacro Database covers financial Indicators and Market Data for the Uruguay of Stock Indices, Stocks and Bonds. Use the search bar below to search the Uruguay Market Data database.

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USD/UYU https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/currency/uruguay-currency/
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Uruguay Macroeconomic Indicators | Uruguay Economic Indicators

AssetMacro Database provides Historical Data for Macroeconomic Indicators of the Uruguay economy covering Leading indicators like Manufacturing & Services PMI, Coincident Indicators like GDP and GNP and an extensive range of economic indicators related to Labor, Inflation, Prices, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Consumer Confidence, Housing and Real Estate. Use the search bar to search the Uruguay variables.

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Uruguay GDP https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gdp/
Uruguay GDP Growth Rate https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gdp-growth-rate/
Uruguay GDP Annual Growth Rate https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gdp-annual-growth-rate/
Uruguay GDP Constant Prices https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gdp-constant-prices/
Uruguay GDP per capita https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gdp-per-capita/
Uruguay Gross Fixed Capital Formation https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gross-fixed-capital-formation/
Uruguay GDP per capita PPP https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-gdp-per-capita-ppp/
Uruguay Unemployment Rate https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-unemployment-rate/
Uruguay Employed Persons https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-employed-persons/
Uruguay Wages https://www.assetmacro.com/uruguay/uruguay-wages/
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